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Are you considering a vending machine  for your place?

If you are even at the earliest stages of considering a vending machine for your workplace,  give us a ring!

We will present what we have to offer, discuss your requests and address any concerns you might have.  You probably have high expectations of service and we aim not only to meet but exceed those expectations.

We offer the best in refill service and vendor cleanliness and presentation, our service team give their best attention to your vending machines .

We address malfunctions as soon as possible and aim to keep your vending machine always vending.



Indicative steps of getting a vending machine
The indicative steps of getting a vending machine in your workplace are:

  • You contact us and express interest

  • We present what we have to offer and remember everything is at NO COST to you

  • Once the decision is made, we get the machine installed as soon as possible

  • We fill the machine with a range of products after we take any suggestions you have on board

The machine is ready to be used!
After the initial instalation and fill, we will refill your machine as often as needed depending on demand and perishability.

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