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Frequently asked questions

What's the process of getting a free vending Machine?
Please fill in the Request Form on the website or contact us per email info@ozvend.com.au or call Sales on 0404 615 690.
We'll be happy to inspect the site for access and room and discuss details such as products you like, which machine is suitable and when its a good time for delivering the machine.
Usually it takes up to a week for the machine to arrive at your premisses.

What do we do once the Machine is installed?
Nothing at all except enjoy it! Ozvend is responsible for all servicing ,filling and cleaning.
Ozvend does retain ownership of the vending machine.

Can products be changed?
Yes product changes are welcome. Basically happy employees, or visitors happy Ozvend.

How often do you fill and service the vending machine?
Normally once a week. It is however depended on sales volume. Some of our sites are serviced twice a week and some only once every 2 weeks.

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